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Remote football pitches series

Updated: 5 hours ago

Two weeks ago we launched a "Remote pitches"-series on Twitter, and the response

has been fantastic. So we thought that we´ll post all the pitches here at our website

for easier access to all the pitch beauty.

Enjoy, and if you want share this with your friends it would be much appriciated!

24/3 2021

Pitch: Eriskay football pitch

Home to: EriskayFC ( )

Where: Eriskay, Outer Hebrides

25/3 2021

Pitch: Ottmar Hitzfeld Stadium

Home to: Gspon FC

Where: Gspon, Switzerland

26/3 2021

Pitch: Knippla IK football pith

Home to: Knippla IK ( )

Where: Källö/Knippla, Western Archipelago, Sweden

29/3 2021

Pitch: Cierny Balog Stadium

Home to: TJ Tatran Čierny Balog club

Where: Cierny Balog, Slovakia

30/3 2021

Pitch: Pod Obzidjem Stadium

Home to: NK Portoroz Piran (The Pirates).

Where: Piran, Slovenia

31/3 2021

Pitch: Stadion Gospin Dolac

Home to: NK Imotski FK

Where: Imotski, Croatia

1/4 2021

Pitch: Hasteinsvollur Stadium

Home to: IBV Sport ( )

Where: Vestmannaeya, Iceland

2/4 2021

Pitch: Nuevo Estadio Silvestre Carillo

Home to: CD Mensajero (

Where: La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

3/4 2021

Pitch: Changlimithang Stadium

Home to: National team, various clubs in Bhutan (most of them)

Where: Thimphu, Bhutan

4/4 2021

Pitch: Krizna Luka Stadium

Home to: NK (Nogometni Klub) Hvar

Where: Hvar, Croatia

5/4 2021

Pitch: A Mølini Stadium

Home to: Former home to EB/Streymur (

Where: Eiði, Faroe Islands

6/4 2021

Pitch: Henningsvær Stadium

Home to: Henningsvær IL

Where: Henningsvær, Lofoten, Norway

7/4 2021

Pitch: Floating pitch

Home to: Public Pitch

Where: Panyee Island, Phang Nga, Thailand

8/4 2021

Pitch: Uummannaq Stadion

Home to: Unknown (The city team FCMalamuk plays there games it the national stadium in Nuuk)

Where: Uummannaq, Avannaata, Greenland

9/4 2021

Pitch: Aguas Calientes pitch

Home to: Unknown

Where: Aguas Calientes (near Machu Picchu), Peru

10/4 2021

Pitch: Meshcherski Park

Home to: Unknown

Where: Moscow, Russia

11/4 2021

Pitch: Apengjiang football field (George Football field)

Home to: Unknown

Where: Chongqing, China

12/4 2021

Pitch: Various non rectangular pitches

Home to: Unknown

Where: Bangkok, Thailand

13/4 2021

Pitch: Ramberg Stadion

Home to: Flakstad IL

Where: Ramberg, Lofoten, Norway

14/4 2021

Pitch: Unknown pitch

Home to: Unknown

Where: Lordegan, Iran

15/4 2021

Pitch: Mountain pitch in Besharan, Iran

Home to: Unknown

Where: Zagros mountains of Servabad, Village of Besharan, Iran

16/4 2021

Pitch: Rannagh Park

Home to: Arranmore Utd

Where: Donegal, Arranmore (island), Ireland

17/4 2021

Pitch: Castelmola

Home to: Unknown

Where: Castlemola, Messina, Sicily, Italy

18/4 2021

Pitch: Poljur Stadium

Home to: United Sikkim football club

Where: Gangtok, Sikkim, India

19/4 2021

Pitch: Ólafsfjarðarvöllur

Home to: Knattspyrnufélag Fjarðabyggðar

Where: Ólafsfjarðar, Iceland

20/4 2021

Pitch: Pamir Highway Valley

Home to: Unknown

Where: Pamir Highway Valley, Tajikistan

21/4 2021

Pitch: Unknown

Home to: Unknown

Where: La Rinconada, Peru

22/4 2021

Pitch: Reine Stadion

Home to: Reine IL

Where: Reine, Lofoten, Norway

23/4 2021

Pitch: Pod Lubicom

Home to: NK Kljuc

Where: Kljuc, Bosnia and Herzegovina

24/4 2021

Pitch: SK Logongon School pitch

Home to: SK Logongon School

Where: Nabawan, Borneo, Malaysia

25/4 2021

Pitch: Di Giovanni´s football stadium

Home to: Union Sportive (US) Marseille Endoume Catalans

Where: Marseille, France

26/4 2021

Pitch: Coroico Pitch

Home to: Unknown

Where: Coroico, Nor Yungas Province, Bolivia

27/4 2021

Pitch: Pavegen pitch

Home to: Unknown

Where: Lagos, Nigeria

28/4 2021

Pitch: Tasiilaq pitch

Home to: ATA1960

Where: Tasiilaq, Greenland

29/4 2021

Pitch: Kurganinsk pitch

Home to: Omega Kurganinsk

Where: Kurganinsk, Russia

30/4 2021

Pitch: Las Coloradas Pitch

Home to: Unknown

Where: Las Coloradas, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

1/5 2021

Pitch: Walers Arena

Home to: SV Kleinwalsertal

Where: Kleinwalsertal, Austria

2/5 2021

Pitch: Cortina Ski Jumping pitch

Home to: Training camp pitch

Where: Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

3/5 2021

Pitch: Providance Stadium

Home to: Guyana National football team

Where: Georgetown, Guayna

4/5 2021

Pitch: Claggan Park

Home to: @FortWilliamFC

Where: Fort William, Scotland

5/5 2021

Pitch: Gerede Sign Hotel Pitch

Home to: Training camp

Where: Gerede, Bolu Province, Turkey

6/5 2021

Pitch: Qeqertarsuaq Stadium

Home to: G-44

Where: Qeqertarsuaq (Disko Island), Greenland

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